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Уходи + Девочка-деньги
(Acoustic live 2022)

Оператор-постановщик: Антон Бодунов  |  DENY REALITY video production
Album "Call Me Back +79995771202 (Deluxe Edition)"


Director: Vladimir Bolgov  |  Producer: Artem Lobodin
Album "Call Me Back +79995771202"

Money Girl

Stage Director: Vlad Kaptur  |  Director of Photography: Heinrich Meder
Album "Call Me Back +79995771202"


Album «Call Me Back +7 (999) 577-12-02»

On 12 February, Anacondaz released their first full-length album in three years titled "Call Me Back +7 (999) 577-12-02". After the provocative mini-album "My children will not be bored", the band returns to their favourite themes - the irony about relationships and the situations that come with them, the diary of tour life, and social instability. The album has a record tracklist for the team - 16 songs. It's noticeable that Anacondaz are getting more and more into a rock sound, as evidenced by the SOS lead track, full of sonorous guitar breakdowns, as well as two collaborations. The first is a fun anthem against stuffy public opinion with the band "kis-kis" with the straightforward title "Sit On My Face", and the second is the disturbing track "Metaphysics" by the friendly country rap duo "Zatochka".

The ironic, wicked and uncompromising rap manifesto "Metaphysics" is as always about what's in the air. Sharp as an icy shower, the punches are right on point: the world is unfair, all dogmas, rules and teachings are stupid and pointless, and you don't have to be so complicated to philosophise. And what's left? Dance and live in the present, which is stingy with joy.

EP "My Children Will Not Be Bored"

On December 5, 2019, the 5-song mini-album "My Children Will Not Be Bored" was released - the first truly conceptual release in Anacondaz's career. Every composition on this release is a collaboration with friendly musicians, including Noize MC, Inice, 25/17, Horus and Max Girko. The tracks on the new EP alternate with interludes recorded by professional dubbing actors.

According to the members of the band, this new studio release is a look at today's Russia reality. They covered almost every aspect of it: pseudo-patriotism, kitchen talk, lawlessness of power structures, a completely new generation of children, a general crisis and an internal crisis.

The release cover, combining two famous images, deserves special attention. This is a collage of images of the Volgograd statue of the Motherland and the La Mort Saint-Innocent sculpture by an unknown author, exhibited in the Louvre and representing "holy innocent death". Woman depicted in the sculpture cries with bloody tears while mourning her children.

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